Specified Disease Plus Policy

Serious disease is a constant threat

Serious disease is a constant threat

Disease can affect anyone, and when it does bills are the last thing you want to worry about. With our Specified Disease Plus Policy, you are covered for many of the illnesses and conditions you may face.

Policy Features:

Tailor the plan to best fit your needs by choosing your dediductible:

  • Benefits are paid in addition to any other insurance you have.
  • Benefits may be paid directly to you or to whomever you assign.
  • One lifetime deductible for each covered Specified Disease, while policy is in force. You choose your deductible amount.
  • No network restrictions – Choose any doctor, hospital, or facility.
  • Benefits for many types of services, in and out of the hospital.
  • This policy has a Renewal Safeguard Provision.

Everyone deserves insurance they can count on

MedMutual Protect offers specialized insurance options that provide customers with greater control over their healthcare costs.