Affordable Cost Solution

Fixed Indeminity Policy

Protection you can count on

An illness or accident resulting in a hospital can happen any time. Help protect your financial security with our Affordable Cost Solution Fixed Indeminity Policy. The financial consequences of being unisured can de devastating. Those without health insurance are much more likely to be negatively impacted by medical bills. They spend less on basic needs in order to pay for health care and are mosre likely to be contacted by collection agencies regarding medical bills.

Policy Features:

Tailor the plan to best fit your needs by choosing your dediductible:

  • No deductibles – you receive the full amount of each benefit that is payable.
  • This policy is “flexible” – you select the benefits that best meet your needs.
  • You select your own hospital or physician.
  • No coordination of benefits – benefits are paid in addition to any other insurance coverage or health plan you may have.
  • You can use this policy to supplement your existing health insurance.
  • Benefits may be paid directly to you or whomever you assign.
  • All benefits “renew” each policy year.

Everyone deserves insurance they can count on

MedMutual Protect offers specialized insurance options that provide customers with greater control over their healthcare costs.